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12 Surprising Foods To Control Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetics - Take Charge of Your Diabetes!

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You will be surprised at the foods to control blood sugar. The foods for diabetics are especially relevant as natural treatments for Type 2 diabetes.

If you really want to know the TRUE cause of Type 2 Diabetes and why more and more people worldwide are being diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes, then take a trip to and watch the full video. You will be amazed at what you learn.

The rise of daibetes is not due to poor diet, sugar laden foods or other foods that diabetics are told are the cause. The scientific journal, The Lancet, has reported that our environment, pollution and dangerous chemicals are the true cause of diabetes. To learn more, watch the full video at


Since ancient times, people have used natural treatments for high blood sugar and diabetes. In 1550 BC, the famous medicinal text, Ebers Papyrus, advised treating diabetes with high fiber wheat grains. Yes, wheat for diabetes...and here everyone thought that one major food diabetics shouldn't eat is bread.

Learn how barley works to keep blood sugar levels in check and what the tart fruits like lemons and limes can do to your pancreas. What would happen if some one diagnosed with pre-diabetes ate a whole bowl of lentils (beans are not food that people think diabetics should eat). But there is good reason for legumes to be included in a diabetes food list.

More than just herbs and teas, these 12 Surprising Foods To Control Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetics are basic foods that can be used to lower blood sugar naturally. People are into natural remedies and these are the basic, natural whole foods that will lower blood sugar levels, increase insulin and stimulate the pancreas of anyone who is a Type 2 diabetic or has pre-diabetes symptoms.

You can research the web for the top 10 foods to eat for diabetes but these foods are not often mentioned. Drawn from various worldwide cultures and traditions, these 12 foods to lower blood sugar are on hand in your pantry or in your fridge. No special trips to some exotic food store. Here are 12 foods to control your blood sugar levels and, even, treat type 2 daibetes & to avoid advancing from pre-diabetes to full blown diabetes.

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