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How to Build Attraction on Social Media | Using the Power of Social Proof and Pre-Selection

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One excellent form of social proof is preselection. So how exactly does preselection work?

A man walks into a bar by himself. The women in the bar look at the man and think nothing of it—all they see is a man walking into the bar, he could be anyone. Now imagine the same man walks into the same bar and this time he has a beautiful woman on his arm. The other women see the man and their reaction is now completely different. The man is no longer just a regular guy who walked in off the street. What is it about this man that enabled him to attract such a beautiful woman into his life? This is the power of social proof. The man has already been preselected by a beautiful woman, the other women in the bar see this and automatically assume the man has high-value.

In a similar way, when you walk past a restaurant and see a crowd of people lined up outside, you are naturally inclined to wonder what’s so special about that restaurant in particular. Most people will assume the food is exceptional because so many people want to eat there. This, once again, is the power of social proof. The Royal Society published an interesting study that helps to explain the power of social proof in more detail. The study analyzed how female participants would react to different pictures of a man and woman (with the woman looking at the man with different facial expressions). In the pictures, the woman’s facial expressions were either (a) smiling (b) bored, or (c) neutral. The results of the study showed that the female participants rated the man most attractive in those pictures where the woman was seen “smiling” at the man.

Other studies evaluating the effect of social proof on attraction found similar results. One such study published in the Journal of Social, Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology explained how women are more likely to be drawn to men who are already in a relationship, as opposed to men who are single. Further research into this dark area of attraction revealed that women only find men attractive in this situation if the man is dating an attractive woman. In other words, if you’re seen walking around with plain Jane, you’ll do nothing to inspire interest or raise your value.69
Social proof can be used to great effect on social media. And based on the body of scientific research that already exists in this field, it’s safe to say that men who are seen with attractive women immediately raise their value and become more attractive as a result. Any time you raise your value to the point where you’ve acquired a certain level of prestige and recognition (for example, you’re seen with a beautiful woman, you’re a semi-celebrity, or you’ve achieved recognition in a particular field or industry), you exhibit social proof and value.

Even when you’re simply having a good time, hanging out with a group of friends, you have an opportunity to display positive social proof based on the fact that you’re socially aware and liked by your peers. Displaying social proof is a great way to build attraction for human beings are nothing if not social animals.

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