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How to Get More Views With Your Instagram Stories (After The Removal of Hashtag & Location Stories)

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Do you wonder how to get more views with your Instagram stories after the removal of hashtag & location stories?
Well, then this video is perfect for you!

Instagram just recently removed hashtag & location stories. So beforehand, you could include hashtags and a location within your stories and then have them appear on the dedicated page. These were great ways to reach new people directly through Instagram stories.
However, after the removal of both of these features that's not the case anymore. Reach is decreasing and the question remaining is how to get more views with your Instagram stories after these changes.

So if you feel like left behind with decreased story reach and the question how to get more views with your Instagram stories again, then this video is the solution you are looking for!

0:00 - Intro
0:13 - Removal of hashtag & location stories
0:37 - Interactive stories
1:48 - Subtitles within stories
2:19 - Regular livestreams
3:23 - Post notifications for stories & livestreams
4:30 - Removing inactive followers to get more views
5:43 - What matters now in stories
6:28 - Outro

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