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How to : Make money drawing comic books

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Make money drawing comic books

Comic books combine the two artistic forms of visual arts and literature into an altogether separate medium for expression. If you want to make money drawing comics, you can start by studying the ideas presented below.

Here are some ideas for making money drawing comic books:

Assemble a portfolio . Choose your best sketches that demonstrate your abilities then have them reprinted on quality paper with the necessary information. Store them in a large document case together with your resume and contact numbers. Avoid adding original works as these may get damaged when you bring your portfolio around. You can also open a portfolio website that will feature your lesser works or sign up for a free account with any of several free illustrator’s social networking sites such as Meet with publishers and editors during comics conventions . Comics publishers are always looking for new talent, especially illustrators, and set up a booth within conventions throughout the country. Bring your portfolio during these events and have them examined by these industry insiders. If they like your work, they will offer you a drawing gig for their comics. Be prepared to take in some criticisms in order to improve their work based on their standard or be assigned to do penciling or inking duties. Note that these big companies not only judge you on your drawing skills, but also your ability to meet deadlines, as well. Develop your drawing skills . Popular comics illustrators with extraordinary pencil works may deserve to earn more per page, but may also take longer to finish each page as their intricate line work may take days to finish. Such illustrators can then exclusively work on covers, promotionals and other related content that have a less stringent deadline or workload. Consider starting a webcomics . Webcomics use the web to display and promote your online comics. While most of these websites are free, you can join premium webcomics sites that charge readers a regular free to access their content. Free webcomics can earn money through donations, ad revenues or merchandise like apparel and stationery. The trick is to build up an online following that will regularly follow your content. What’s more, you can print a collection of your comics pages afterwards and sell it to your fans. One secret to building a webcomics audience is targeting a niche market, which, even if small, guarantees a loyal reading base. Consider self-publishing . Self-publishing not only ensures you retain the right to your creation and all associated rights, as well, but also enables you to control the quality of production, from layouts to promotion and distribution. Advancing technology allows individuals to produce quality works with minimal capital and resources, such as print-on-demand and web marketing. You may also collaborate with a writer and enjoy co-ownership of the work.

Big comics publishers like DC Comics and Marvel Comics pay about $150 for every penciled page, but you can command much more if you attain superstar status within the comics community. Those who retain ownership rights to their creation can cash in if their work becomes popular and develops into movie, video game, book or TV deals.

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