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How to Not Suck at Facebook in 2019 for Local Business - 4 Step Marketing Success for Your Facebook

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Should you pay an agency for social media marketing? Is Facebook best for your business? What should you post on Facebook?

Learn local social media marketing on Facebook in 2019 here

Hey Local Business Owner! Facebook organic page reach keeps getting harder and harder and harder!

There are 4 post types for your Facebook page that engage, and are the things you need to be doing each week to make your Facebook page as BEST as it possibly can!

00:02 My goal in life is to end the spinning wheels the wasted time and wasted money and wasted energy. Every single online entrepreneurs are the most targeted buyer people thing. I can't. I can't see even facebook advertise to you guys because it's so competitive and it is. It kills me that a 97 percent of it sucks and waste your money and if you put any time in what most people teach, you will waste all of your time and your energy. And that's my big, big, big, big, big passion is to eliminate the spinning wheels, uh, to help you. Whatever. You only have three hours a week. Make sure that you're getting a return on that time because that's crazy valuable. And so that's my passion. I'm the absolute formula formula, formula for success in networking, success in facebook, success in email marketing.
01:24 Success in your kid raising is give, give, give, ask, okay? Every single business gets this wrong on social media. Very, very few get it right. And it's always by my new thing, buy my thing, come to my event, come to. It's always me, me, me, me, me, me, me, okay. Um, it is not what's in it for them. And that whenever, if, if we stopped right here, okay? And all you did was shift this one thing. This, I'm going to help my Avatar, all right? My best customer help their day, enhance their day, come alongside and their life today, right now. What are they? Building Group. Alright? And I felt that if you only make that shift, you will win as best as you can. And facebook 2019 is everyone understand? Okay? It is. I think it's social media, not sales media, right? Get out to get attention.
02:41 Attention on facebook. I put this one on here on purpose. I told myself I'd be productive today. The fact that you're reading this right now determined that was alive. Okay? This is a big deal because facebook wants to keep people on their platform. That's how they make money. I saw they show more ads. So you as entreprenuers man, how many times do you go and you make a post and then you're like sucked in and 40 minutes later you lift your head up and you're like, oh, how did I get here? I've watched a whale video, whatever it. So what you are doing on facebook to your customers is getting attention. Okay? And what facebook is doing is getting attention from you. Alright? So very, very important.
03:43 Okay? Because me anyways, but I wanted to just tell you just to make you aware that time, time, time, control your time, control your day.
04:40 Until Ai, this is the answer. Video is the king of attention. It engages your, your mind, your visual, your audio, and engages everything. Okay? And so, video, video, video. If you're not putting videos on facebook, don't even waste your time posting on facebook. Seriously. Facebook stories. This was mine this morning. Um, you can see it at tyrannies. Because they populated to their story within the last one was 10 hours ago. One was an hour ago. Facebook stories is. It gets you up there either. Absolutely. Right. They, they die in 24 hours. Saturday. Yep. So facebook stories, super, super powerful. Facebook live, you know, how successful was your facebook live from yesterday?
06:06 Well, the networking, southwestern Missouri groups, there was a lot of shares on Davis electric page, 17 chairs and then we've got 20 more lights in just in just a few hours on the page. And then on my own personal there was a couple of chairs. So

Reply to every comment. Absolutely. Reminds every farmer I'm super important. Facebook organic page reach is virtually dead. Okay? The only things that really work are these things. That means the video, the facebook stories, and the facebook lives.
on facebook and who should focus less on facebook so that you know for your business. If you need to spend a little more time than the other businesses,

14:21 We should spend time marketing on facebook. The question to ask if facebook is where your business is min need for Mia wants. Okay example, need, I need a plumber. I need an electrician. I need blah, blah, blah. Okay. Am I going to. If I likely none of us have a plumbing issue today, so this plumber post is

Do not pay anybody, never, never paid anybody. He don't waste your money on facebook. Social media marketing. Do not. Do not. Do not. Do not pay a person, an agency to do facebook for you. You hear me? It is not worth it. The Roi on that money is not going to return because of the deadness of facebook rant here. Me, nobody.

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