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Descrizione presents "Lights, Camera, Awesome!" 7 Crucial Keys For Using (Super Simple) Video to Get Seen and Get Sales...

During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn:

The 3 Quick Fixes to Solve Your YouTube Conundrum. YouTube is a beast with an audience of over 2 Billion viewers, but it can be a pain in the ass to get right. During this webinar, I'll give you the 3 quick fixes that will help you get your YouTube act together!

The Secret to Getting 75% Open Rates for Your Video Emails. I'll show you my favorite video outreach tools and resources, so you can enjoy the same eye-popping 75% open rates on your own video emails.

Little-Known Tools and Resources for Making Video Creation Fast and Stress-Free. I'll also reveal exciting, new, low-cost tools to make it simple and streamlined to create professional videos anytime.

How to Use the "Seinfeld System" for Being Virtually Everywhere Online. I'll show you how to use a trick from the iconic TV series to bang out and repurpose quality content so your clients and colleagues say "I see you everywhere!"

Why It Pays to Adopt a "Video First" Approach to Marketing. Find out how a "video first" strategy can dramatically increase your impact, influence and income!

3 Easy Tricks You Can Borrow from Hollywood to Make Your Videos Pop! I spent years in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, so I look forward to sharing 3 cool tricks you can steal from the movie biz to make your videos look amazing and reach more peeps!

How to Make the Most of Zoom Videos, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Videos and More. We'll show you how to optimize and maximize your online presence, whether it's on Zoom, YouTube, Facebook Live or LinkedIn (where there's a huge video opportunity!)

I'm really glad that you made it to this page because I want to invite you to a special new webinar called "Lights, Camera, Awesome!"

Seven crucial keys for making super simple videos that help you get seen and get sales.

I don't have to tell you how important video has become, especially over the last year and how crucial video marketing is to growing and expanding your business.

So I hope you'll join us on this brief webinar because we are going to pack this webinar with immediately usable, practical and actionable tips, tricks, resources, tools, all kinds of great video stuff.

We're gonna jam as much as we can into a short amount of time.

No fluff, no BS, just great video advice, tools and resources that you can use to expand your business... and increase your impact influence and income.

Register below and we'll see you on the webinar.

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