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Linux Lite With Xfce DE. Ready For A New To Linux End User? I Think So.

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Linux Lite 5.2 64bit - 1st November, 2020
Linux Lite? Does it work? Did it break? New user friendly? Hype or reality?
I think that the next very new to Linux or unfamiliar all together person I have a chance to introduce Linux to, I may go with Linux Lite. Bold statement I know but it just seemed to work & self explanatory for the most part. I don't really care if they are a windows user or not. Makes no mind. In other words I could care less about bashing one over the other. It really just boils down to each individual to what OS they want to run. I do think that if you want to entice a windows user then you must design your distro with that end in mind.
Some interesting Links:
Linux Lite Wiki:

Thanks for watching! Arch On!!!

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