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Liracoin Smart Global Payment Preview

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Liracoin SGP - Smart Global Payment - is the meeting point between the customers and the retailers for a simple and intuitive use of the cryptocurrencies, and will be accessible worldwide from their own mobiles. Liracoin SGP will connect the wallets of 52 million retailers that accept the cryptocurrencies without them knowing anything.

How do transactions occur? The user selects the method of payment between NFC, PayPal, and Wire Transfer, as well as the most known payment processors. Then the user selects the wallet containing the cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Everything occurs automatically. The retailer receives a normal payment with the payment processor previously selected as the fiat currency.

This process takes no more than two seconds. The retailer can also have no knowledge of what is a cryptocurrency. This is a unique strength that allows us cryptocurrency users to make the most of our money, and with no limit.

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