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MANIFEST during LOW VIBRATIONS | It's POSSIBLE. Who has been lying to you? A Shadow Work Theory.

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We're taught to raise our vibrations if we want to manifest what we desire. A closer look at how this could be a lie to distract you from the real truth. Since we are all manifesting all the time, how can we use our low vibrations to our advantage instead of panicking and running to find solutions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video uses solfeggio frequencies and matching binaural beats. These are frequencies of sound that heals the mind, body and spirit by manipulating brainwaves. Use headphones for full effect.


An Introduction to Shadow Work
Why is Shadow Work Important?



The term Shadow Work came from famed 20th century psychologists Carl Jung who originally coined it as "The Shadow Self". It describes the unconscious parts of our personality that we repress and hide throughout our lives. This darker side of ourselves is the unconscious culprit behind many of our struggles in life, such as failed relationships, destructive behaviors as well as self sabotaging.

Doing Shadow Work leads to a lot of healing which can give you enhanced energy as well as renewed physical health. Practitioners of the Law of Attraction usually find that Shadow Work is the last step in order for them to manifest their dreams and desires. Spiritual energy, at its core, is always inhibited by The Shadow Self, so one needs to be aware so that they can heal and grow from it to attain their real persona.

There are many techniques on Shadow Work as Dr. Aiwass Ukehi discusses it in his YouTube series. Using other tools such as meditations and mantras. Dr. Aiwass Ukehi aims to help and promote this mysterious technique in order to heal and empower millions of people around the world.


For Shadow Work one on one coaching and other services, please visit




Why do you wear a mask? I wear a mask because I believe that Shadow Work journey is a completely personal one and I don't want it to be identified with me as a person. The idea of Shadow Work is that it is all about the person. It is a private phenomenon, because what you experience and what I will is completely different. As such, I can only guide, advise and nudge you. The hero of the story is you.

Why are you videos so dark? It is just my personal aesthetic that I like. Some people may find it 'spooky', but I think people who can watch more and more of my videos will start becoming familiar with the ambience and not feel so intimidated by the idea of 'Shadow Work', when it is not what many people think it is.

Are you a real Doctor? Yes, if you go to my website at, I have listed down where I attained my qualifications as well as other certificates and diplomas like Shadow Work Coaching, NLP, Wellness .etc. My D.Min CSC (Certified Spiritual Counselor) Certificate Number: ID20180411TEOA

Is Aiwass Ukehi your real name? No. My real name is Dr. Pearry Teo, Ph.D. The name 'Aiwass' came from the voice given to English Occultist Aleister Crowley reported to have been heard on April 8-10 in 1904. 'Ukehi' is derived from a Japanese Shinto divination ritual.

Why do you use Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Beats in your video? I believe that just by watching my videos, there should be more benefits than just information. I've learned to create these frequencies and waves in order to help you get the most of the video beyond information into mind, body and spirit.


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