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Sex toys, retiring, game theory, bitcoin, bitcoinhex, ethereum, stellar, & xrp with David Levine

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We talk about all kinds of funny things this time around in addition to crypto! Want to get rich in 2019? Click Timestamps below! This vid is with David Levine who has a channel at
The best thing a blockchain can do is store value! Being a payment network is 10x less valuable:
Gold=7.7 Trillion
Visa=320 Billion
Mastercard=212 Billion
Paypal=101 Billion

Gold is 10x more valuable than those others combined. And no one uses it to pay for their coffee.

Richard Heart: Billionaire, blockchain thought leader, cryptocurrency investor, author, serial entrepreneur, Bitcoin OG
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00:17 David's Intro
01:43 Richard's Intro
02:27 Getting in Bitcoin Early
04:27 Preaching Maximalism

David's Questions

05:39 Trustlessness and Game Theory
07:15 Defining Game Theory
09:32 Affiliate Programs
10:42 What is Game Theory
11:05 Adoption
13:29 BitcoinHEX Claiming , Explanation, Incentives, Staking

17:46 Staking Revenue
17:51 1. Interest
17:58 2. Early Exit Fees
18:57 3. Pool Fees

20:55 Buying Incentives
21:42 Most Crypto People Get in Free (Bitcoin Holders)
22:35 Freemium

23:55 Claiming BHX on Binance

25:18 David's Concerns
25:35 1. Not Enough People Claiming
27:33 2. Time Delays
30:05 3. Bugs

30:56 Different Types of Bitcoin Addresses
33:06 Moving Bitcoin To Accepted Addresses (Ledger, Electrum, MetaMask)

35:40 Free Money (But You Still Need to Learn)
36:47 Pumpamentals
39:04 Fixing Bugs
40:07 Notice Period (Snapshot and Claim Delay)
41:06 Silly Whale Penalty
42:16 Naming (BHX VS HEX)
43:01 Locking Up BHX
43:48 IDEX Listing
44:34 Referral Bonuses
47:18 Self-Referral

Comment Section (48:03)

00:48:28 PreMining VS Stealth Launching VS ICOing
00:50:20 The Origin Address

Bonuses Explanation
00:52:24 The 4 Staking Bonuses: 1. Virality Bonus / 2. Critical Mass Bonus / 3. Early Exit Fees / 4. "We Are All Satoshi" Bonus
00:55:26 The 2 Entrance Bonuses: 1. Referral Bonus and 2. Speed Bonus
00:57:55 "We Are All Satoshi" Bonus (cont)
01:00:28 Summary

1:03:34 Founder's Taxes Do NOT Matter
1:05:59 IBM and Blockchains
1:08:46 Use Cases of Cryptos
1:09:09 BitcoinHEX Pumpamentals
1:11:20 Minimum Claim
1:11:32 Innovations of BHX (Virtual Lending, Trustless Interest, Transparency, Trustlessness)
1:17:17 Leveraging Ethereum and Bitcoin
1:19:18 Why Bitcoin Cash and SV Failed
1:22:01 Origin Address Will NOT Matter
1:23:04 Haters
1:24:46 Ethereum Critique
1:27:19 Richard's Portfolio
1:28:31 Ethereum Critique (cont)
1:33:50 Selling Immediately
1:35:22 Need Bitcoin to Claim
1:36:38 Investing VS Claiming
1:38:56 Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming
1:40:07 How to Get BHX
1:40:35 Utility of BHX
1:42:34 Market Size
1:43:50 Bitcoin and Institutional Money
1:47:24 Diet and Health
1:48:33 Sex Toys
1:50:32 Where Richard Lives and Why
1:51:35 Richards Previous Jobs
1:52:06 Money and Happiness
1:56:53 Video Games and Drugs

Final Thoughts

1:59:41 David's Plugs
2:01:04 Richard's Plugs
2:05:18 Intermittent Fasting
2:07:53 BitMex ( )
2:08:53 Youtube Videos
2:10:04 Real World Experience / Evaluating Cryptos
2:12:51 Conclusion

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