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Stellar (XLM) vs Bitcoin (BTC) vs Ripple (XRP). Stellar and Bitcoin can both be a store of value.

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Stellar (XLM) vs Bitcoin (BTC) vs Ripple (XRP) Stellar and Bitcoin can both be a store of value.

My Notes below:
Bitcoin vs Stellar

Stellar on ramp for existing banks

create tokens on Stellar better than Ethereum

Stellar vs Ripple
Free owned by no one vs private company for fee

Dave, what I don't understand is why Stellar Lumens is needed if we have Bitcoin?
Also, how does XLM act as a store of value?

argument is BTC vs XLM on store of value but on ability to manipulate economy through money creation.
XLM becomes store of value if there is a lot of activity on Stellar and if there is a a problem on Stellar with bad tokens.

If banks create their own coins isn't this independent of the value of xlm?
yes. but if on stellar they may hold some.
Xlm used as bridge currency.

Its the same thing for helping 3rd world countries, why not just use bitcoin?
-government can't just print btc

I'm not trying to be a bitcoin maximalist so much as I'm trying to understand why xlm would be a good investment or store of value?
more risky than BTC

Your buying XLM as speculation for a store of value right? I struggle to see what your seeing here. I get the great partnership, but how are they going to do this?
buying it as an ecosystem that will grow a lot and that will add value to XLM and it will be held by banks once they are using the platform.

Also, the coding on XLM looks complicated. I don't understand the whitepaper it gets into tech talk and its above me.
-great consensus algorithm.

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