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Unlimited Elements Left CodeCanyon for Freemius (Sales Sky-Rocketed!)

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Amit Keren and Maxim Vendrov started selling their Elementor plugin Unlimited Elements on CodeCanyon, but after switching to Freemius, they don't think they'll ever go back :)


Me and Max met about eight years ago.
We both have full-time jobs.
We’re working very hard, both of us, and we’re looking for something to increase our income and we started developing WordPress plugins.
We understood that it was from the first plan date.
Today, we have 70,000 active installs in
I do everything that’s related to design and marketing and Max is a full-stack developer.
And lately, Ira, Max’s wife, joined the team, helping us massively in QA and marketing.
Today, we’re known as Unlimited Elements — a WordPress plugin that helps web creators complete their web design by adding functionality and flexibility to the popular Elementor website builder.
Before Freemius, we were selling on CodeCanyon and it was really hard to sell over there, actually. You can’t decide what price you’re selling on, you can’t do special discounts whenever you want to. You don’t generate recurring revenue. At first, we thought we could develop our own subscription platform. It was so time-consuming that it made us lose focus on our main product.
We understood that Freemius is a whole SaaS platform that manages payments, recurring payments.
We saw other plugins using Freemius and we decided to give it a chance.
We launched the current version of Unlimited Elements with Freemius.
We were amazed at how fast we could integrate Freemius into our plugin.
I think it just took a few hours to set it up. Right after this, our sales were high - skyrocketed.
We saw a huge increase in revenues.
It just works, people just buy, people don’t ask questions, credit card, PayPal, whatever.
One of the fun things about selling online is seeing all the sales notifications once you wake up.
Now I can work a few hours a day and be very sharp and write very good code.
This is what allows us to take care of our users and user’s experience and have such a small and intimate team.
Freemius is like power because our success is their success as well.
If they see an opportunity to help us increase sales, they reach out to us. And whenever we need them, Freemius is there to help us grow.

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