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Watch China- March 2019! Financial reset /shock included

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China will create a great important news this month of March 2019.
Get ready to massive collective change this month in both individual and collective levels.




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(This video recorded on March 4th at 12:00 UTC+1)

It may be confusing influence as the old and the new are fusing in such a rare dynamic to what we watch through astrology.

Mercury to start retrogression from 29º in Pisces and will station direct at 16º where Neptune the ruler of Pisces standing.

On March 6th 11:20AM EST new moon in Pisces when both sun and moon will meet Neptune in almost 16º

On the same hours of new moon Uranus will move to new region in sky to Taurus constellation and will force everybody including tectonic plates to move from its status quo.

I'm expecting China to be involved in such a big event that may include whether terror event, massive hack or massive selling of US bonds what will lead to "financial reset"

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